5 Animals to Spot at Addo Elephant National Park

5 Animals to Spot at Addo Elephant National Park
5 Animals to Spot at Addo Elephant National Park

Over 300 elephants call Addo Elephant National Park home. Most of the elephants at the national park are descendants of the herds that once roamed the Eastern and Southern cape freely. But that’s not all; the Addo Elephant National Park is the third largest national park in South Africa and is also home to the Big Five animals – and more.

Here’s a brief guide to the other animals you’ll see at Addo National Park.

5 Types of animals to spot at the Addo Elephant National Park

  1. Black Rhino: native to Eastern and Southern Africa, the Black Rhino is known for being the shyer and more aggressive of the two African species. The Black Rhino is most active during the night-time, which is when most of their foraging and drinking is done. On average, the Black Rhino weighs between 900 – 1 350 kgs.
  1. Lion: there are roughly 4 – 6 lions at the Addo Elephant National Park. The lions were first introduced to the national park in late 2003. Ever since, the lions have become a huge attraction and tops the list for those who venture on the Addo game drives.
  1. Birds: while visiting the Addo Elephant National Park one of the most popular activities is bird watching. With over 400 species of birds in the area, you can expect to see the likes of African Penguins and Cape Gannets. Enjoy a ride through the Alexandria Forest area, which is the home to some amazing birdlife – including the Crowned Hornbills, Knysna Turacos, and Dark-backed Weavers.
  1. Antelope: the Addo Elephant National Park has a diverse wildlife. There are at least 13 species of antelope that can be found in the park. These include:
  • Eland
  • Kudu
  • Red Hartebeest.

Guests are encouraged to walk or drive the reserve to spot and enjoy the beautiful image of these fascinating creatures.

  1. Leopard: a graceful animal, the leopard has an elongated body with short legs. The average mass for leopards are between 60kg – 70kg. Leopards are highly adaptable animals and can survive in most conditions, including semi-desert and subtropical bush.

While spotting the elephants at this national park may be the highlight of your trip, it sure is amazing to experience more than just that. Of course, there are many other animals at Addo Elephant National Park, which is even more reason to explore as much as you can while you’re visiting.