The Amazing Addo Elephant Park

Addo Elephant Park is the third largest game reserve in South Africa and is without a doubt one of the best. Their aim is to “be fully integrated into the regional landscape, conserve and enhance the characteristic terrestrial and marine biodiversity, ecological processes and cultural, historical and scenic resources representative of the Eastern Cape region for the appreciation, and benefit of present and future generations.”

Addo Elephant Park is most famous for their population of over 450 elephants. In 1931 when the elephant park was established there were only 16 elephants left in the area, however by restoring and maintaining a preferable ecosystem, Addo Elephant Park now has a thriving elephant community and is now also home to the big five, spotted hyena, a variety of antelope and zebra species. They have also expanded to include Marine life in their conservation vision, and are now host to the second largest penguin breeding community of the endangered African penguins.

Although the wildlife and natural beauty of the park has attracted many, the Addo elephant park accommodation is a relaxing environment, that has made this park especially popular and successful. The park has its own lodges, however many private lodges have also opened bringing more tourists to explore the park and experience the different accommodation. The lodges range in rankings however some can boast 5 star rankings and have spas, private pools, and award winning restaurants for their guests to enjoy.

Game drives in Addo are a must. Whether you go exploring in your own vehicle or go on the game drives that your accommodation offers, you can be sure to have an adventure. The densely populated park ensures that your Addo¬†game drives¬†will be fill of game spotting and excitement. Look out points and waterholes are scattered around the past and invite allow guests to sit and watch the wildlife around them. With 150 different species of birds recorded in Addo, avid bird watches can be assured some great sightings. Addo Elephant Park does allow a certain number of day guests, however if you are choosing to not stay in the park you need to be aware that opening and closing times differ according to the season and you’ll need to be at the park gates early to ensure that you can be one of the first allowed in.

A variety of different activities are available for guests in the park. Game drives are the most popular, but with a marine section of the park, boat rides can also be arranged although most of them are privately run by lodges. Hikes and guided walks are highly recommended as you’ll be given the opportunity to become a part of the surroundings without a vehicle. Horse Trails are another popular activity and take place in a section of the park where there are no lions or leopards. Other activities such as fishing, canoeing, walks on the beach, penguin cruises and specialised tours are also popular and make it impossible for you to be bored whilst in the park.

Addo is one of the largest and most successful game reserves in South Africa, and with a variety of accommodation and activities to choose from, you can be sure to find something that suits you perfectly. Suitable and enjoyed by all members of the family, Addo Elephant Park is the ideal holiday destination for any party and invites you to have an exciting and relaxing stay whilst in a spectacular environment.