Discover the African Bush Elephant

Discover the African Bush Elephant
Discover the African Bush Elephant
  1. Much like humans, elephants are social animals. Scientists have explored how they communicate and express emotions. There’s evidence that suggests elephants grieve the loss of a relative. According to researchers, elephant herds gather to bury the dead and even mourn for days at the grave.
  1. Baby elephants are born blind and have to rely on their trunks and mothers to help them as their sight develops. Researchers have also discovered that some baby elephants suck their trunks for comfort, much like human babies suck their thumbs.
  1. Elephants have immense strength. The elephant trunk is so strong, it is said to be capable of killing a lion. Elephants are considered the strongest mammal and strongest land animal. They can carry up to 9,000 kilograms, which in turn equals the approximate weight of 130 adult human beings.
  1. Elephants can suck over 9 litres of water at one time and blow it down their throat. With estimated muscle counts ranging between 40,000 and 150,000, the trunk of an elephant is the most extraordinary and dexterous nose in creation.
  1. Elephants love to swim – and are great swimmers. They use their trunks as a sort of snorkel, allowing them to breathe while under water. An Elephant’s nose is uniquely adapted and is used for grabbing, bathing, and drinking as well as smelling and has the dexterity to pick up an object as small as a grain of rice.
  1. Even though elephants have thick skin, it is extremely sensitive and susceptible to sunburn – just like us. Elephants can feel even the tiniest insect crawl on its skin. To protect their skin, elephants roll in mud or throw sand on their back to prevent it from burning.
  1. The average life span of an elephant in the wild is about 60 years. Elephants also have the longest recorded pregnancy of all mammals on land. After 22 months, Elephants give birth to calves weighing up to 120 kg. They give birth standing up while the herd creates a protective circle around the mother.

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