Elephant Back Safaris in South Africa

Elephant Back Safaris in South Africa
Elephant Back Safaris in South Africa

An Experience You’ll Never Forget, at Addo National Elephant Park

Elephant back safaris in South Africa are about so much more than saying you’ve braved facing the height of the majestic African elephant. This is especially true when you choose your experience at Addo National Elephant Park. Here, these animals are protected and revered by a caring and highly competent team of staff, who make every effort to ensure their comfort and well-being. The park was, in fact, established for the means of conservation, and as a result – you are supporting a worthy conservation effort.

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In the same breath, you take home an experience that many dream of but will never have the opportunity to enjoy – the rare chance to connect with these incredible animals in a habitat that’s suitable for them. Every year, the staff at Addo put their efforts into everything from caring for the park’s inhabitants, to addressing biodiversity and natural food supplies. They do this to ensure that we can preserve and understand these jumbos in a world that is increasingly shutting out these spaces in favour of high-rises and urbanisation. And now, you can be part of this special connection with one of the oldest mammal species on Earth.

Meeting The Elephants

The elephants you’ll meet are often almost human-like in their interactions, gentle giants with more power than they seem to realise. While they can cast an intimidating silhouette (typically weighing up to 6 tons), they tend to interact well with people, under the right circumstances. In fact, scientists at the University of Stirling have even identified 4 distinct personality types in them, which they term as “the Leaders, the Gentle Giants, the Playful Rogues and the Reliable Plodders.” Children are even allowed to interact with the elephants and go on these safaris.

What is The Safari Part like?

You’ll be afforded the chance to have an elephant encounter and to ride the elephants. Every care is taken to ensure both your comfort and safety, as well as that of your animal companion (we use a custom-crafted saddle as well). You will have an experienced guide with you at all times who will talk you through what to expect. Actually riding the elephant is an experience most get used to quite quickly. These creatures walk in a rhythmic motion and gently amble through their natural habitat.

Once you are relaxed and comfortable with the experience, you will take in the expansive and bio-diverse surroundings that our continent is so famous for – immersing yourself into our distinctive fauna and flora. It is as though you are a creature of the wild yourself, but you will always have the security of an experienced guide.

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