Making the Packing Dilemma Easier

For many South Africans and tourists, visiting the Addo Elephant Park is high on their to-do list; the beautiful Eastern Cape has plenty of wonderful places to visit, but it is its Addo Elephant Park that takes the prize as the most beloved visitor’s spot. There are plenty of great Addo Elephant Park accommodation facilities available for you and your travel group; it’s almost no effort to find that perfect spot where you can have easy access to the elephant parks beautiful animals and wonderful activities.

In fact everything is so conveniently located and so perfectly set in place for you that there’s not much left to worry about – except the age old travel dilemma: what do I pack? Well, packing for a game reserve adventure isn’t like packing for any other holiday. If you’re not used to the African sun it can be quite a daunting task to pack for this wonderful country and its summer holidays. Even though we all have our own favourite pants, jerseys or toiletry bags we’d like to take on our trip there are some key things to take on your African safari trip that would make it absolutely effortless.

This is first and foremost the most important thing you should pack for your trip and yes you can very well buy it at your destination, but if you do have your own preferred brand and type then buying it at home is probably best. Travelling with your sunscreen is a tricky business though and it is a good idea to seal them well before placing them in any bag.

Water bottle:
Summer in Africa is hot and the Eastern Cape especially can be quite something to get used to; therefore a trusty water bottle which can be used over and over again should be with you at all times. South Africa has the third safest drinking water in the world so freshening up just about anywhere is completely possible.

One big and warm jacket or jersey:
Yes, it’s summer and yes, it is Africa, but it can still get cold during the cloudless summer nights out in the vast open wild. A lot of parts of the Eastern Cape are known to receive heavy rain during the summer times and during these sometimes unexpected storms it can get cold. For this purpose a rain-proof jacket will be your best friend – never visit a game reserve without one, you don’t know when you might need it.

Packing for a game safari trip to anywhere in Africa will be much easier if you remember to pack the basics; you don’t need to pack suitcases of clothes and pretty things – in Africa you grab your sneakers, comfy pants and shirt and jump into the game ranger’s truck. And whatever you do, don’t forget that sunscreen and water bottle.