Paradise in Addo Elephant Park

Addo Elephant Park is one of the most famous destinations in South Africa for a safari holiday. Being one of the three largest parks in the country and one of the biggest conservation areas, Addo attracts thousands of curious foreigners and locals every year. The park’s surrounding areas are amongst the most beautiful in South Africa; staying in an addo elephant lodge will offer you an exciting holiday and is the perfect place for you to unwind, away from busy roads, cities, and everyday stresses, situated in the laid back lifestyle and beauty of the area.

Addo Elephant Park is one of the top three largest and most popular game reserves in South Africa. The park is home to over 550 elephants and has a vast and diverse population of other wild animals. Although the park initially started off as a conservation project to save and grow the elephant population in the Eastern Cape, today Addo Elephant Park is one of the best places for tourists to observe wild animals in their natural environment and get a sense of what life in Africa is really like. By staying in an Addo Elephant Park Lodge, guests can enjoy the park and its surrounding areas, feeling as though they own their very own piece of African paradise.

The Eastern Cape is one of the most beautiful provinces in South Africa. Forming second half of the Garden Route and home to several famous game and nature reserves, this province’s tourism industry is quickly catching up with Cape Town’s. Perfectly situated above the Garden Route, Addo Elephant Park attracts many visitors who have either just completed or are about to embark on a tour of the route to Cape Town. Once in the Eastern Cape, tourists find themselves spoilt for choice with activities, game reserves, and historical towns to visit. Although, by far the most popular tourist destination and place in the Eastern Cape is the Addo Elephant Park, lodges in and around the reserve are also popular.

One of the dominant reasons why Addo Elephant Park is one of the most popular game reserves in South Africa is due to it being malaria free, as well as a relaxing and tranquil place for both tourists and locals to visit. Although, many locals prefer to only take one long holiday each year and spend it abroad or visiting family, many opt to put the occasional weekend aside to rejuvenate in the tranquillity of Addo Elephant Park. Lodge or B&B accommodation can easily be booked, and with luxurious places to stay found both in and outside of the park, one can be sure to find the perfect place to unwind. Staying outside of the park allows guests to explore the surrounding towns and activities easily without having to worry about wasting money or time by not exploring the park. Although many wish to stay within the park itself, many find that being on the outskirts of the park allows them more freedom to choose what they want to do and act spontaneously.

Addo Elephant Park has earned some of its fame through the many conservation projects and initiatives that they run. Most of them have focused on providing a sanctuary to the wildlife of the park, primarily the many elephants that have made Addo their home; however the park also worked on conserving their ecosystem and biodiversity. Recently Addo Elephant Park has added an oceanic section to its conservation efforts, ensuring that it plays a role in South Africa’s marine conservation. The park can, however be most proud of the local initiatives that it runs, such as educating local and underprivileged communities about how they can help the environment, save water, and what they can do to ensure that they pass on as much as their ambition as possible through education.

Addo Elephant Park is one the most popular game reserves in South Africa, and although the park has received its big name from the wildlife and safaris that they offer visitors, Addo Elephant Park is also famous due to the conservation projects that they run. Although observing the wildlife is a primary reason for many of the parks guests, the attraction of the surrounding areas and relaxing nature of the park also brings foreigners and locals to explore the game reserve. Regardless of the reason, however, tourists can be sure that they’ll find themselves enjoying the beauty of the Eastern Cape and relaxing in the tranquillity of the Addo Elephant Park.