The Perks of Staying in Addo Guest House Accommodation

Every year, thousands of tourists flock through the gates to observe the wildlife that have made themselves at home in the largest elephant sanctuary in the world. Many visitors pop into the Addo Elephant Park en route to other destinations while others choose to stay in Addo Guest House Accommodation that enables them to have an even fuller experience in the park.

By choosing to stay in Addo guest house accommodation guests will be treated to a truly unforgettable experience in the Addo Elephant National Park. Whilst staying in luxurious accommodation and having every indulgence at their beck and call, guests start to find themselves relaxing and feeling one with nature. One of the benefits of staying in the Addo Accommodation is that you’ll be taken on game drives through the park with professional game rangers. Not only will you be able to enjoy the landscape of Addo, but you’ll also be able to observe its unique wildlife and learn interesting information about them. This is the ultimate African safari experience and will enable guests to have a truly remarkable and unique adventure in the Addo Elephant National Park.

Just one of the perks of staying in Addo guest house accommodation is that you’ll be treated to an incredible dining experience. Woodall-Addo is just one Addo guest house accommodation that goes out of its way to provide guests with unforgettable dining experiences and cuisine while staying in Addo. By making use of local produce and their vegetable and herb garden, Woodall-Addo makes sure that each meal that is prepared is fresh and nutritional. No effort or expense is too much in their kitchens and planning; from Karoo venison, east-coast fish, home-made stocks, to freshly baked bread, local cheese and wine from the Cape Winelands, everything is at hand to create delicious and unforgettable dining experiences.

When going on holiday, many of us enjoy the luxury of being pampered by spa and beauty treatments. Finding the time for being pampered during the work week or during our action packed weekends is often difficult and even stressful; however, while on holiday we can finally kick back and indulge in beauty treatments and letting go of all tension. Many lodges in game reserves even go as far as to install gyms for their guests to enjoy as many guests enjoy keeping fit while on vacation.

While staying in Addo guest house accommodation you’ll be informed about the interesting activities and attractions in the surrounding areas of the park. For instance, just around the corner from the Addo Elephant National park is a game reserve where you can go on elephant back safaris. There are also several seaside towns just a couple hours drive away such as Port Alfred and Kenton. Many of the Addo guest houses make sure that they make a contribution towards underprivileged schools and communities in the surrounding areas; knowing that a percentage of the cost of your stay will go towards helping another is just one of the perks of staying in Addo guest house accommodation – you can enjoy your holiday with the knowledge that you’ll also be giving something to somebody in need.

Most guests visit the Addo Elephant National Park to observe Africa’s unique wildlife in their natural surroundings; however in recent years guests have also been visiting the park to enjoy its luxurious accommodation and guest houses. Teaming the authenticity of African safaris and the serenity of park with luxury and indulgence, Addo guest house accommodation offers holidaymakers the African safari experience they’ve been dreaming of.