Pick the Perfect Addo Elephant Park Safari

The Addo Elephant Park is the perfect place to unwind and reconnect with your inner peace. Safaris offer guests the chance to kick back amongst the beautiful African landscape whilst observing the wildlife and soaking up the sun. If you’re feeling more adventurous, a variety of safaris will allow you to get more involved in your game viewing experience or will offer you a unique safari experience that your friends will be envious of. Picking the perfect Addo Elephant Park safari can be tricky… here are our recommended safaris:

  • Opened topped land cruiser safaris are among the most popular and typical safaris. On these tours guests can sit back and relax whilst being guided through a game reserve by professional tour guides. Sitting in the protection of the vehicle yet in the open air allows guests to feel safe while in the centre of nature. These safaris often start early in the morning and are popular amongst guests staying in and around the park or in Addo accommodation as they can wake up early for the safaris and spend the day relaxing whilst being surrounded by nature.
  • Self-drive safaris allow guests to drive themselves around the Addo Elephant Park. There is 75kms of roads through the Addo Elephant Park which make it easy for guests to travel through the park and do some exploring of their own. Many guests prefer these types of safaris as they can conduct them in the comfort of their own vehicles and with the company of their loved ones.
  • Canoe River safaris offer guests a different way of exploring the area adjacent to the Addo Elephant Park. Guests can paddle along the Sundays River and observe a wide variety of the birds in the park and observe animals grazing and drinking along the river banks. These safaris are also guided by professional guides and are sure to get ones heart beat racing. These safaris give adrenaline rushes and can also be incredible tranquil when taken at a slow pace to make you feel like you’re simply gliding through the park.
  • Addo beach and fishing safaris have become popular since the opening of the marine section of the park. Guests can embark on boat rides to view the surrounding marine life of the park. Depending on which safari guests go on they can even fish off the boat on a catch and release basis. Whale tours are also popular here during September through to December, and watching schools of dolphins swim past is a hit amongst all participants. Guests can also embark on penguin cruises close to the Addo Elephant Park – something the little ones are sure to enjoy!
  • Horse riding tours take guests through a predator-free zone of the park; this is a safe tour that has been enjoyed by many couples and families as it allows guests to observe wildlife whilst on horseback, bringing them even closer to nature. For many horse lovers this is a dream come true.
  • Elephant Safaris can be found just outside of the Addo Elephant Park and are incredibly popular with those who visit the game reserve. These gentle giants take guests along trails, allowing them to observe the landscape and surrounding wildlife (danger free). Being able to come up close and interact with these beautiful mammals is an experience many would travel for; this humbling experience will give you a new perspective on elephants and allow you to see the African landscape in a new light.
  • Lastly, the Addo Elephant Park offers its guests specialized tours that are catered to their needs. Many guests who are interested in birding and photography embark on these tours, as well as academics who are researching or guests with a special interest in one animal.

Unwind and explore the Addo Elephant Park by embarking on an Addo safari. Feel the sun on your skin whilst observing the beautiful nature and wildlife of this game reserve. Whether you’re searching for a relaxing, effort-free trip through the park or for an adventure and adrenaline rushed experience, you’ll be sure to find a safari that is the perfect vacation. If you find it too tricky to pick one safari, make sure you spend a few days in the park and experience several of them!