Stay in Addo Elephant Accommodation for an Authentic Africa Experience

You don’t have to fly to the heart of Africa to have an authentic African experience; the Addo Elephant Park in the Eastern Cape will offer the vacation in Africa that you’ve been dreaming of, showing you the beautiful landscape, wildlife, people, culture, and cuisine. Stay in Addo Elephant Park accommodation for a luxurious taste of the African continent; indulge in local cuisine prepared by top chefs, be pampered by spa treatments in between game drives, and sleep in luxurious soft cotton beds while you rest after a day in the sun. Stay in Addo Elephant Park accommodation and you’ll have the perfect African experience while on vacation in South Africa.

The Addo Elephant Park is South Africa’s second largest game reserve and is one of the largest elephant sanctuaries in the world. Every year, thousands of international and local tourists make their way to the park to observe its herds of elephants and large variety of other animals, including the big 5. The list is endless, but if you need some extra swaying as to why you should stay in Addo Elephant accommodation, we’ve come up with the top reasons why you should stay in Addo Elephant Park lodges and accommodation.

  • Addo Elephant Park lodges just outside of the park look into the reserve – allowing guests the best of both worlds; the sensation of staying in the Addo Elephant Park while having the freedom to visit surrounding areas of the park easily.
  • The Addo Elephant Park is in a malaria free region – an incredibly positive factor as many guests visiting game reserves would rather not experience the side-effects of malaria pills. When visiting many other African countries, malaria pills will be required.
  • The Eastern Cape is peaceful and tranquil. The Addo Elephant Park is also away from the noise of main roads and far enough away from the “real world” to relax and feel at ease.
  • And although being away from the city is a bonus of the Addo Elephant Park as a getaway, it is also conveniently close to the small city of Port Elizabeth. When visiting game reserves, tourists often have to travel for hours by car before they arrive there; when it comes to the Addo Elephant Park guests can simply fly to the Port Elizabeth Airport before driving a short hour to the Addo Elephant Park.
  • Accommodation in Addo is luxurious and indulgent. Close your eyes and sink into a soft bed at the end of the day and have your every need attended to by the lodge’s staff. As the Addo Elephant Park is one of South Africa’s most popular game reserves, the lodges have competitive prices and do their best to offer guests a unique and royal experience.
  • Responsible tourism is incredibly important to the Addo Elephant Park and many of the lodges surrounding the park do their absolute best to give back to the community. By staying in Addo Elephant Park accommodation you can go on holiday knowing that some of the money spent will go towards helping another.
  • There are many small towns, historical sites and activities that can be explore while staying in Addo Elephant Park accommodation. Whether you choose to take advantage of the exciting activities on offer within the park or explore the surrounding areas of the game reserve, you’ll have an exciting and unforgettable holiday.
  • Staying in the Addo Elephant Park allows you to get a sneak peek into the local African culture; learn about the history of the area, the traditions of the Eastern Cape and gain a new perspective on how the locals live.

Combine all these elements together and you’ll have the authentic African experience that you’ve been dreaming of. The Addo Elephant Park isn’t just popular due to its large elephant population but because it offers its guests tranquillity, pampering, royal accommodation, an endless list of activities and the opportunity to give back. While staying in the Addo Elephant Park you’ll also be enchanted by the local African culture and be transfixed on the glorious beauty that surrounds you.