Sustainable Tourism at Addo Elephant Park Accommodation

At Woodall Guest House and Spa – “sustainability” is more than just a word to us. It’s part of why we exist, and how we offer our many travelers a memorable and guilt-free stay at our Addo Elephant Park accommodation. Beyond the business, we exist to impact lives – whether it be through allowing people to experience an animal encounter, engage with the wilderness, connect with themselves or simply relax.

However, in the spirit of nature and conservation, we strive to create a sustainable experience that respects our beautiful surroundings, as well as the people in our communities who contribute to our establishment and the beauty of our country. Join us for a stay you’ll never forget, and help us foster this sustainable spirit.


Sustainability in action


Eco-responsibility is our voluntary duty, and we drive a number of initiatives to preserve the natural environment:

  • Waste management policy. Separating recycling and wet waste allows us to reutilise resources, nourish the grounds and dispose of waste properly – lessening the waste burden and environmental impact.
  • Handling alien vegetation. Foreign vegetation is not suited to our local environments and thrive by cannibalising indigenous plant resources. We make a regular effort to remove alien vegetation from our premises to preserve indigenous flora and fauna and conserve natural resources.
  • Organic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We make use of a variety of ingredients in our restaurant, spa and guest rooms. We’ve decided to use as many organic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly products as possible and provide our guests with the same courtesy.
  • Locally sourced products, food, beverages and decor. By supporting local industry, we are also able to provide you with high-quality products and locally made creations. This way, you get an authentic experience of the Eastern Cape with all the modernity and luxury you’d need in order to feel comfortable during your stay. At the same time, we support and stimulate local industry.
  • Reducing packaging. We make a concerted effort to reduce the need for packaging by bulk-purchasing our non-perishable goods in advance.
  • Indigenous plants and local water purification. We’ve chosen as much indigenous flora and fauna as possible to ensure effective natural resource usage and expanding local plant kingdoms. We purify our water on-site to reduce the need for transport, containers and additional energy use.
  • Donations and community support. A large variety of linens and amenities are donated to our communities in need, as we regularly replace them for our guests. This allows us to mitigate waste and help our community members also use biodegradable, organic and high-quality products where these are not always within their means to purchase.

Contact us for more information about our accreditation and commitments to sustainability or book your stay with us online.