The World’s Biggest Animals

A rabbit that’s bigger than a dog, an amphibian that’s roughly the size of a small human child and a fox that flies – here is a list of some of the world’s biggest creatures (the information in this article has been adapted from the Twisted Sifter’s post, ’15 of the largest animals in the world’):

  • The heaviest land-dwelling creature: can you guess? Here’s a hint – it has a long trunk that contains 40,000 different muscles, massive ears and two tremendous tusks. The African elephant has the claim to fame of being the largest terrestrial animal on earth – males can grow to an impressive 7, 5 metres in length and weigh anything up to six tons. Females are smaller, reaching up to 6, 9 metres in length and weighing in at three tons on average. The playful pachyderms are phenomenally intelligent and intuitive and are best viewed in various national parks. Stay in Addo Elephant Park accommodation to be surrounded by the beautiful, behemoth beasts.
  • The world’s largest animal: frequently described as a ‘gentle giant’ the blue whale is bigger than a basketball court and weighs the equivalent of 2667 humans, each weighing 70 kg. The animal can grow up to 30 metres in length and weighs approximately 180 metric tons, with its tongue alone weighing in at 2.7 metric tons, which is approximately the size of an Asian elephant. With a heart the size of a mini cooper, this phenomenal creature could be described as quite the romantic.
  • The world’s largest…rabbit? Ever heard of the Flemish Giant? This big, bouncy bunny is roughly the size of a sheepdog and has been around since the 16th century. The rabbits can way anything up to 12.7 kg – quite an armful to cuddle.
  • Batty about bats: the biggest bat in the world is the Giant golden-crowned flying fox, which hails from the forests of the Philippines. The endangered animal can grow to 55 cm in length, with a wingspan of approximately 1, 8 m. With an adorable foxy-face and exquisite honey-colouring, the bat can weigh up to 1,5 kg and has long been known for its impressive flying abilities.
  • Keep your chin up: the giraffe is the tallest land animal in the world, which reaches five to six metres in height, towering above all the other creatures on earth. The majestic creature’s neck accounts for nearly half of its height, extending for over two metres. Males can weigh up to 1,600 kg, while females weigh approximately 830 kg.
  • Super-sized salamander: the Chinese giant salamander is the largest amphibian in the world, reaching 180 cm in length and living in rocky mountain streams and lakes.

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