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Woodall has an environmentally friendly waste management policy.

Waste management: Waste is separated into wet waste and recyclable waste (paper, plastic, magazines, glass, tins, cardboard). On site waste is sorted into glass, plastic, paper, organic matter (used for compost on the gardens). Glass re-usable water bottles used. Wherever possible, all products used on the property are organic, biodegradable and environment-friendly, including food ingredients for the restaurants and cleaning products. Bulk buying ensures minimal packaging of products and therefore waste products are minimized.

Energy conservation: There are heat pumps and LED globes in all guest rooms, and solar geysers are used where possible.

Water: Water for guest rooms is purified on site. Grey water is used for the garden.

Carbon Footprint: We grow our own herbs and vegetables and source locally grown/produced foodstuffs and supplies.

Environmental and biodiversity conservation: Many plants used in the landscaping on the property are indigenous. Wherever possible natural, local building materials are used in construction including wood and reeds. Alien vegetation is removed on a continual basis.

Social & Economic

Wherever possible, all products used are sourced locally to ensure that Woodall supports local business and is therefore responsible for local upliftment. Woodall has an in-service training programme where unemployed locals with no previous experience are given the opportunity to train as hotel staff and work on a full or part-time basis. Wherever possible all hotel staff are sourced locally, and extensive training is provided.

Local artists and contractors are commissioned, and many of the unique décor objects, pieces of furniture and items in the curio shop have been fashioned by local crafts folk. Woodall is an active force in the Thembalethu Trust, providing crèches in the local community of Nomathamsanqa with basic foodstuffs, donations of clothing and other essential items, as well as motivating for donations for projects such as new classrooms, carpeting, painting, fencing etc. Many left-over amenities from the hotel as well as blankets and linen, which are regularly replaced are donated to local charities.

In addition, Woodall is also proud to sponsor “Elephant City”, one of the top soccer teams in Nomathamsanqa, as well as co-sponsoring a cricket pitch for the local team.